I have retired from MMD and uninstalled the program.

My advice to anyone reading this is: DO NOT USE MMD!
The user base is obsessed with ROOLZ and DRAMA, and most model and accessory
file downloads are now encumbered with password games and ridiculous rules of use.

However, if you wish to use the program, here are a few links to get you started.

You can download the MMD program from the Vocaloid Promotion Video Project site.
Scroll down to the "MikuMikuDance (DirectX9 Ver.)" link and download that ZIP file.
(A 64-bit version is available, but I have experience with only the 32-bit version.)
Extract that ZIP file to C:\Program files\, a folder on your desktop, or anywhere you like.

"MikuMikuEffect" is a separate download. The latest version is available from this VPVP page.
Scroll down to the "MikuMikuEffect Ver number (date)" link and follow it to the download link.
Extract the DLL files from that ZIP file to the same folder that contains MikuMikuDance.exe.

To use models (PMD and PMX files) and accessories (X files), drag-and-drop them over the program.
Just play with some different models for awhile, and you'll soon learn how to position and pose them.

The MMD program can create pictures by itself. From the menu, choose File > Render to picture file
The picture should be saved as a Windows BMP file that can be edited in programs such as Paint.NET.

I installed x264vfw to render videos to 1280x720 H.264/MPEG-4 files.
I used both VirtualDub and Avidemux to edit and splice video files.

For further help, see Learn MMD, or just "Google It You Moron"...







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Some of the dic.nicovideo.jp lists:
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ACMMD (Armored Core MMD)
進撃のMMD (Attack On Titan MMD)
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MMD C CLUB (Dream Club MMD)
fate/mmd (Fate/stay night and related)
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MMDユーザーモデル(その他ジャンル:人型) (other human models)
MMDユーザーモデル(その他ジャンル:非人型) (other non-human models)

And if you really want them, the Internet Archive has copies of the old mikudance.info listings.
Please do not reprint the old listings elsewhere. They are incomplete and full of dead links.

Good luck.